About Us

Handy bag for women and men


The Story Behind Our Brand


With the support of her spouse and loved ones, Mélissa Lambert created the Lambert brand and reinvented the backpack fashion industry in the process. Driven by the belief that it’s possible to combine comfort with elegance, she collaborated with a fashion designer. The first collection offers a range of men's and women's bags that allow you to move more lightly with style.


Lambert's mission is to simplify the everyday by offering the most fashionable and smart vegan backpacks on the market. Our bags are unique, multifunctional, chic and comfortable, and meet the needs of everyone. Your shoulders and back will thank you.


A handy bag for women and men and a carrier of our values


Our company is based on certain values, which we strive to share, one backpack at a time …


Authenticity, because we want to meet your real needs. We’ve been in your shoes, and have created practical vegan bags for women and men. Founder Mélissa Lambert wanted to go into business to help her clientele by offering her vegan leather backpacks. Lambert also prides itself on its transparency regarding choice of design and materials used for the practical backpacks.


Determination, because we believe it is possible to make a difference. Lambert was founded on relentless passion and confidence. We’ve filled a gap in the marketplace by creating handy bags for women and men that meet their demands, both on a utilitarian and a fashionlevel , without the compromise! 


Innovation, to think and do differently. Lambert lives by a unique concept: creating vegan leather backpacks that promote conscious consumption. Our bags boast cruelty-free design from start to finish, and support sustainable development. We believe that innovation must be responsible.


It's in the bag!


Our vegan leather bags for women and men are suitable for any occasion. Need to go from the office to a restaurant get-together with friends? We’ve made sure you have a bag that can follow you throughout your day with confidence!


Multifunctional, featuring multiple compartments for easy access to personal belongings, our bags are also resistant and easy to clean.


All our backpacks sport our unique logo comprised of all of Lambert's letters within a diamond, representing life and transmission.



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