Lambert's mission is to make people's lives easier every day

  • It's in the bag

    Our vegan leather bags for women and men are suitable for all situations. They are multifunctional and have many compartments to allow you to get your hands on your belongings easily and quickly. Our practical bags for women and men are resistant and easy to maintain.

    Our backpacks are versatile and can be worn for a variety of occasions. You are at the office and need to meet friends at a restaurant in the evening? We've made sure that your bag can follow you throughout your day, with confidence!

    Tous nos sacs à dos sont par ailleurs ornés d’un logo unique argenté
    qui comprend toutes les lettres de Lambert dans un losange, qui
    represents life and transmission.

  • Our Values


    We want to meet your real needs. It is by putting ourselves in your shoes that we have created practical vegan bags for women and men. Mélissa Lambert wanted to go into business to offer vegan bags that serve her customers at affordable prices. Lambert's authenticity is also demonstrated by the transparency in the design and materials used for our practical bags for women and men.

    We believe that it is possible to make a difference. Lambert was
    founded in a spirit of self-improvement and self-confidence. We
    have gone to the end of our ambitions to offer you a product that meets your requirements both in terms of utility and fashion, without compromise! We wanted to fill a void in the market by creating chic and practical bags for women and men.

    To think and do things differently. Lambert wanted to put forward a unique concept. Our company sells vegan leather bags because we believe in promoting responsible consumption. Our bags are designed without animal cruelty. We favor responsible innovation while respecting animal ethics. Lambert is committed to continuing to innovate!

By choosing our products, you encourage a committed and cruelty-free consumption.

Choices that feel good

  • Local conception

    Our president is a young mother who had the idea to create the bags she dreamed of wearing, chic and practical vegan leather bags. She decided to collaborate with local designers to create unique models.

    All our bags are imagined and designed in Montreal. Most of the time, an idea for a model comes from a need that you have expressed to us through the various feedbacks that we collect throughout the year.

  • Vegan materials

    Nos sacs et accessoires sont conçus avec du cuir vegan, soit un matériau solide, tenace, esthétique et favorable à une perspective de consommation responsable. Nous travaillons principalement avec du PU (polyuréthane), une alternative au cuir moins nocif pour l’environnement que le PVC. Constamment à la recherche d’innovation, nous utilisons des matériaux durables tel que le nylon recyclé pour la production de certains produits. La conception de nos produits est pensée dans le respect de l’éthique animale et nous sommes fiers d’avoir la certification PETA. 

  • Ethical Manufacturing

    We have chosen a manufacturer in Guangzhou that has been operating in women's accessories for 18 years because it aligns with our ethical code. The factory is modern, and the working conditions are excellent. The facilities are safe and well-organized. We ensure that the employees' work environment meets our ethical standards.