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The LUNA - Scarf

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Representing a unique and meaningful work, the Luna scarf was designed in collaboration with Laura Kwok, a Canadian illustrator. The mixture of flowers carries a symbolic tradition, namely the meeting between Canadian and Chinese culture, during the Lunar New Year.

The LUNA is worn in 6 ways: 

1. On the neck (scarf)

2. On the head (bandana)

3. At the waist (belt)

4. In the hair (hair tie)

5. As a fashion accessory (attached to your bag)

6. Like a top (tied in the back)

''I hope when you wear these florals, they make you feel strong and beautiful, as you follow the flow of life and spread your special spark, wherever you may go.''

-Laura Kwok


26 cm (lenght) x 26 cm (width)



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