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The CHLOE - Maple Vegan Leather Keyring

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The CHLOE is a high-quality vegan leather keychain. Simple and practical, this product pairs perfectly with our handbags and backpacks. This small, meticulously designed accessory will add elegance to your everyday look while allowing you to quickly locate your set of keys. Choose a locally designed, animal cruelty-free and ethical product to keep your keys intact and at your disposal.

The CHLOE can be used as:

  1. Key ring

What makes the CHLOE unique:

  1. Its minimalist look

  2. Its ring compatible with the key clip of Lambert bags

The CHLOE is perfect for:

  1. Minimalist men and women

  2. Those who always lose their keys

Why the name “CHLOE”?

Said quickly, the first name CHLOE just sounds like the word “key”! We have chosen this feminine first name representing the product’s vocation for its perfectly adapted resonance.


11 cm (length) x 2 cm (width)


  • Vegan leather strap
  • Silver ring


Ever heard of PU vegan leather? This material, which we use in the design of our vegan products, is distinguished by its durability and ease of maintenance. The PU vegan leather makes it possible to design quality accessories and does not encourage the consumption of animal products. We are proud to have the PETA certification. 

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