Design of our vegan bags

Everything starts with an idea! Our president is a young mom who’s had the idea of creating chic and practical backpacks. She decided to work with local designers to create unique models.The conception of our bags begins in Montréal. Bags are draw here and the technical drawings are sent to our manufacture in Guangzhou, China. This manufacture works in the women accessories area since 18 years. We had the chance to meet Vivian who understood the importance of quality and the concern of details in the production of our bags. Furthermore, we chose this factory because it answers our ethical code.



Our bags have a very similar look to leather. We work with PU (polyurethane) vegan leather, a strong and resistant material. Our products are easy to maintain. To clean them, simply use a soft clothe dampened with water and you’re good to go!

Our vegan bags are multifunction, durable and easy to maintain. The practical side is a plus for this fashion backpack.

The design of all our vegan bags signed Lambert has been thought in the respect of the animal ethics. By buying our products, you’re encouraging a committed consumption without cruelty.