Our vegan bags

Our Vegan Leather Bags


Are you looking for a vegan leather backpack for work or school? Are you a new mom and would like to have a vegan diaper bag for all your baby stuff? What if we told you that Lambert has the right bag for every occasion? Hard to believe? Take a look at our collection and be convinced!




Lambert: Our Mission


Lambert is a Montreal-based company that relies on the functionality of its vegan backpacks to meet its customers’ needs. Our collection of vegan backpacks for women and men represent an innovative blend of aesthetics and practicality.

Created by a talented Montreal fashion designer, our products allow you to face each day with comfort and confidence. We’re here to make your life easier and stylish! 

Our vegan backpacks are multifunctional, resistant and easy to clean. Our customers appreciate their simplicity and timeless aesthetics, as well as their comfort. After all, you already have enough weight to carry around on your shoulders!

We work with PU (po-lyurehtane) vegan leather, a solid and resistant material that very closely resembles leather. This material also makes our bags very easy to maintain: a soft, damp cloth, and your bag is as good as new!

All our Lambert vegan leather backpacks are cruelty-free. By purchasing our products, you’re showing your support for ethical consumption and the human treatment of animals.


Curious to discover our models of vegan backpacks?


Several vegan backpack models are available online:


  • SARA backpack: a spacious and feminine vegan leather backpack with curves that give it a sophisticated look. With its 9 compartments, this bag is suitable for everyday life as well as a chic evening out;


  • CHARLOTTE backpack: this faux leather bag is very popular, thanks to its timeless classic look. With a very sleek style and with 2 separate compartments, wear it with a dress or a simple pair of jeans and t-shirt;


  • CHARLES backpack: this larger version of the Charlotte Men's Bag is roomy, making it the perfect accessory for the office and daily living. Like its “little sister”, this bag offers 2 separate compartments for optimal storage;


  • MIA backpack: created BY A MOTHER, FOR MOTHERS, this is the vegan diaper bag for new moms. No details have been omitted. With a total of 9 compartments, our vegan baby bag not only allows you to lug around all those accessories, but makes diaper changes quick and easy.


Whether you’re looking for a bag for the day-to-day, for the office, or to make motherhood a little easier, we have a vegan backpack to meet every need. All these products are equipped with strategic subdivisions that allow you to be organized and have better access to your belongings.



Lambert: Bringing you forward.


Lambert's mission is to reinvent the backpack by combining design with practicality and ethics. Our vegan backpacks take you further while enjoying every step of the journey in style. The diamond-shaped logo, which includes all the letters of Lambert, represents life and continuity. We believe that through concrete actions, whether big or small, can help build a world without suffering. Lambert’s Montreal-designed cruelty-free vegan backpacks is our way of doing some good.

A Lambert vegan leather backpack is an uncompromising fashion accessory.